Internet Marketing With No Money Down™

Scott Boulch proclaims "The Death of Adsense".  Joel Comm retorts that "AdSense is Alive".  Another 8 months down the line Joel assures us that changes at Google mean "The Death of AdSense Arbitrage".

Is there any truth in any of this?  We intend to find out.  More than that – We intend to find out if it's possible to earn money on the internet without paying for clicks, without paying for links, without paying for anything at all.

In the 21st century anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world can sell pretty much anything to someone else with an internet connection somewhere else in the world. A third party can make money from bringing those buyers and sellers together.  Companies like Google and eBay are making a whole lot of money doing just that.

Imagine you have no cash, no bank account, no credit card.  Nada.  Zilch. Imagine a benefactor gives you access to an internet connection free of charge for an hour or two a day.  What might it be possible to achieve? Take a look at what's happening on our blog.